ONE80 Dartboard - Gladiator II

Eagle Sports

$89.50 $129.95
Size:  18"

Gladiator II Dartboard
Bristle board
Staple-free construction, firmly located in backboard
New sword edge wiring is one of the thinisest on the market practiacally eliminating bounce outs
The sword edge wire is fixed to the backboard making sure its original postion is maintained during the Gladiator 2's lifespan
Official size: 18"x1-1/2"
1st grade kenyan sisal
New and improved manufacturing processes ensure that the sisal sits perfectly straight on the backboard with no knots on it, this helps allevaiate the hardening of the sisal over time and makes the Gladaitor 2 a super durable dart baord
Patented ferrule system at the backboard; an M5 bolt is fixed to the backboard meaning the bolt screw can be put in by hand and wil lsit straight
Professional coloring fluid, which is highly absorbent gives the Galdiator 2 a bright colouring without hardening the sisal
Grey number ring and spider, this matt grey chrome coating reduces light reflection and doesn't peel like paint when struck by darts keeping the number ring consistent
Gift box packaging
Supplied with mounting bracket and instructions

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