ISC Ladies Aqua Compression Pants

$20.00 $99.95

Aqua Compression garments are designed for all water based activities that will sustain fit, comfort and performance in chlorinated pools, salt water and other water conditions.

Aquapower fabric is the first compression fabric that is 100% chlorine resistant so the fabric will not degrade and the fit will last significantly longer. Fast drying with low moisture absorption makes these garments ideal for cross training.

To be worn in the water and also on land - can perform in all conditions.

Aqua Engineering specifically engineered to provide ultimate performance, fit and durability in all water environments. Ideal for all swimming, surfing, water and land training requirements.

Bio Dynamic Fit the revolutionary panel design sculpts all body shapes for optimum fit and assists with core stability, lower back stress and helps maintain correct posture.

Water Management System targeted mesh panels to allow water to drain from the garment. This prevents the garment from filling with water and ballooning.

Unique Aqua Power Fabric Technology exclusive 100% PBT chlorine resistant 70 denier Aquapower knitted fabric provides optimum compression combined with anti microbial finish.

Heightened Body Awareness increased proprioception means greater awareness of body position to increase muscle efficiency, maintain better technique and reduce the risk of muscle fatigue.

Reduced Muscle Vibration reducing muscle vibration during exercise helps conserve energy, improve performance and reduce risk of injury.

Reduced Fatigue & Graduated Compression graduated compression accelerates blood flow through damaged muscles, removing waste such as lactic acid. This decreases muscle soreness and aids recovery.

Sun Protection the unique knitted structure of Aquapower fabric has been independently tested to ensure all garments provide 50+ UV protection. Outdoor and indoor use.


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