ISC Ladies Compression Pants

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ISC WOMEN'S COMPRESSION PANTS were specifically designed for the female body shape. Ergonomically engineered to fit at the natural waist they provide added core support, assist good posture and aid performance.

ISC WOMEN'S COMPRESSION PANT - Optimised performance, recovery and comfort. 

With gradient compression around the quadriceps and hamstring muscles that continue down the calf to the ankle, ISC WOMEN'S COMPRESSION PANTS can increase oxygen rich blood flow to the lower body and accelerate the removal of lactic acid and metabolic waste from the legs.

Targeted anchoring around the knee helps to link the musculature of the upper and lower leg.

With their grade I medical device rating, ISC WOMEN'S COMPRESSION PANTS can also reduce the risk of soft tissue injury to the muscles with the added benefit of reduced muscle soreness the next day.

ISC WOMEN COMPRESSION PANTS are ideal for any sport or activity that may benefit from improved strength, speed, endurance, fatigue resistance and injury prevention in the lower limbs.

Sizes: 8 (XS) - 18 (2XL)

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