ISC Mens Compression S/S Top

$25.00 $89.95

ISC Mens Short Sleeve Compression Top

ISC MEN'S COMPRESSION SHORT SLEEVE TOP- Play harder and recover faster. The gradient compression from the shoulders down through the core allow for increased delivery of oxygen rich blood to the easily fatigued muscles of the lower back and body. The biodynamic cut of the garment protects the body from shoulder injury by maintaining shoulder joint integrity and preventing unnecessary muscle vibration.

ISC MEN COMPRESSIONS SHORT SLEEVE TOP is ideal for training and competing in any sport or activity that requires strength, power, and endurance of the muscles of the upper body and core.

20% more durability and longevity in stretch and recovery than any other competitor garments tested retaining correct fit for longer therefore allowing increased proprioception and reducing fatigue.

12% more compression(overall) than any other competitor.

Bio Dynamic Fit

Reduced Muscle Vibration

Graduated Compression 

Sizes: Sml - 3XL

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