Skiing Light X Socks

$20.00 $49.95

Warm And Soft
The comfortable padding system of X-SOCKS® Skiing Light reduces the force of impacts and works in combination with a high performance ventilation system.

Your feet are not only protected but also well ventilated without the danger of becoming cold.

Self-adjusting Cuff - firm hold
Shin Protector – protects and absorbs
Calf Protector – reduces friction
AirConditioning Channel® - ventilates and dries
Achilles Tendon Protector – relieves the Achilles tendon
Instep Protector – distributes pressure
Toe Protector – against blisters and chafing
ToeTip Protector – protects tips of toes
Anatomically-shaped Footbed – for left and right foot
Ankle Protector – reduces friction
X-Cross® Bandage – stabilises the ankle joint
Heel Protector – against pressure and friction
Traverse AirFlow Channel System™ – lateral ventilation under the sole

34% Nylon
27% acrilic
19% Merino Wool
18% Polypropilen
2% Elastane

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